Salt Pusher SSP45

Salt Pusher SSP45

Stronga Salt Pusher SSP45 is designed specially for local authorities and gritting contractors to maximise the capacity of salt and grit storage units. The well-proven Stronga Salt Pusher has been designed and built to operate for extended periods in tough environments.


A product of demand

The Stronga Salt Pusher SSP45 model is a product of customer request and the modern design continues to outperform other salt pushers available in the market.

Of the current Stronga Salt Pusher users, East Riding of Yorkshire Council have found that they have gained an approximate 20% additional capacity. 20% additional capacity translates into greater performance efficiency and a reduction in waste. Contact us today to discuss your potential savings with our Salt Pusher SSP45.

Salt Pusher SSP45. Features & benefits

  1. Well-proven design. The Stronga Salt Pusher has been designed and built to work in the toughest conditions. Our experience building Salt Pushers for professional contractors has led to a design which thrives in high output operations.
  2. Maximum salt heaping ability. The Stronga Salt Pusher’s 4.5m length allows users to get maximum heaping and avoid driving into the heap. A large 2.3m wide shaped blade allows you to push the most material possible.
  3. Ultra-low maintenance. The high quality design, build and paint finish of the Stronga Salt Pusher SSP45 give it a long life and durable structure which lasts a life time. The result of a high build quality is a low cost of ownership and high resale value.
  4. Build quality. Side-struts made of single pieces of box section coupled with reinforcing struts along the length ensure a stiff design. Numerous substantial gussets across the back of the blade provide extra strength along the whole blade.
  5. Easy-to-use. The Salt Pusher SSP45 model offers easy and rapid coupling in just a few seconds. The user also has the added benefits of a long reach and good visibility from the loader cab. Direct sales from Stronga means customers get great value for money.

Salt Pusher SSP45 technical data

Model SSP45
Length 4.5m (more available on request)
Blade width 2.5m
Colour Any
Brackets Welded to suit your telehandler or loader
Other feature CE marked with Certificate of Conformity

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If you want more information on the Stronga Salt Pusher SSP45, contact our friendly sales team.

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