Big Bag Lifter SBL2400

Big Bag Lifter SBL2400

Stronga Big Bag Lifter SBL2400 is the original model of its kind in the bagged material handling market. Stronga worked closely with customers to develop the first professional Big Bag handler for telehandlers, tractor loaders, forklifts and other wheeled loaders.


Thoroughly tested design

Stronga Big Bag Lifter improves productivity, reduces costs, saves time and improves safety beyond imagination.

The heavy-duty bag lifter construction has been thoroughly tested over the years, proving to demonstrate pioneering capability, robust endurance and excellent reliability for a life time and more.

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Big Bag Lifter SBL2400. Features & benefits

  1. Multiple applications. Stronga Big Bag Lifter is a multi-purpose, ultra-versatile product that has bag lifting capabilities beyond the agricultural sector. This universal attachment allows loading big bags of; fertiliser, seed corn, pellets, briquettes, logs and much more.
  2. Smooth Operation. The big bag handler has rounded lifting arms to prevent damage to bags when picking up, dropping off or moving around. Round stoppers on top of the arms prevent slippage without damaging bags during loading and unloading.
  3. E-CAT reinforcement. Extended Composite Arm Technology (E-CAT) is additional steel at high stress areas within each arm, reinforcing the already stunning strength. E-CAT allows the safe handling of 4x600kg or 2x1000kg bags.
  4. Anti-swing device. A rounded anti-swing bar at the bottom of the big fertiliser bag handler prevents bags swinging, reducing the strain on your loader and increasing operator control when unloading, transporting or filling drills and spreaders.
  5. Enhanced visibility & Perfectly placed brackets. Bars are above the headstock for great visibility when picking up big bags. Brackets are welded on low for easy access into curtain sided lorries, reducing the risk of striking your loaders headstock. The low bracket position also reduces the height required to lift your loaders boom when filling fertiliser spreaders/seed drills.

Big Bag Lifter SBL2400 technical data

Model SBL2400
Weight 350kg
Minimum opening 900mm
Brackets 1600mm
Brackets To suit any telehandler
Other feature Heavy duty construction

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