Bucket Brush series

Bucket Brush series

Stronga Bucket Brush is a cost effective and flexible sweeping solution for telehandlers to enable you to keep surfaces clear of dust, debris and mud. The Bucket Brush is a powerful front-mounted and heavy-duty sweeper designed for use in the telehandler market.


Economic sweeping solutions

The Stronga Bucket Brush series is premium level equipment with strength, working life and residual values over and above that of any other bucket brush in the market today.

Stronga sweeping solutions are cost effective and versatile for use with telehandlers, enabling the professional contractor to clean surfaces after dirty work. This economic solution is made from only the highest quality products, leading to a high resale value and low cost of ownership.

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Bucket Brush series. Features & benefits

  1. Pinnacle design. The innovative Bucket Brush design is full of nifty features to make the job more efficient, such as adjustable arms to adjust the height of the sweeper off the ground and a motor guard which prevents damage to the Roller Stator motor.
  2. Power & performance. High torque 475Nm motor for more power in the sweep. High pressure rated hydraulic motor and bearings for longer service life. SB22o has a quick, easy and economic segmented brush replacement.
  3. Heavy duty components. Stronga Bucket Brush has a heavy duty hydraulic motor and durable polypropylene bristles for fast cleaning. Stronga Bucket Brush has a superior sweeping speed and cleaning ability.
  4. Easy & fast pin operations. Welded on brackets and pins turns your existing telehandler bucket into an efficient sweeper with collector. Pins are removable in less than 1 minute to convert your sweeper back to a bucket for general purpose use; simply remove 2 pins to detach brush from bucket.
  5. Additional benefits. Large diameter, hard wearing and tough poly brush for high output. Brush arms are adjustable to bucket height and size. Comes fitted with a galvanised canopy and is supplied with hoses. Optional dust suppression kit.

Bucket Brush series technical data

Model SB180 SB220
Width 1800mm 2200mm
Brush diameter 560mm 560mm
Motor torque 475Nm
Suitable for (bucket size) 1900mm-2100mm 2300-2500mm
Other feature 8mm thick 8mm thick

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  • Email: info@stronga.co.uk

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