Bale Spike series

Bale Spike series

Stronga Bale Spike is a versatile attachment series which picks up round or square hay, silage and straw bales with tried and tested spikes. The well-proven Spike design comes with great features like anti-rotation removable lower spikes to hold bales in position.


Experts in bale spike design

Many years of specifying, designing and manufacturing the Stronga range of attachments has led to great knowledge about what the customer wants, and what is proven to work well. We apply that knowledge to our Bale Spike series and the results continue to improve.

Simple & fast to operate

The Stronga Bale Spike is an easy and fast to operate bale handling solution.

The simple design of the Single Bale Spike offers a complete material handling solution for the lower output bale handling operator. The higher output Stronga Double Bale Spike offers the professional bale handler the opportunity to extend efficiency and thereby drive expenditures into the ground.

With the ability to pick up twice as many bales than SBS100 at any one time, the Stronga Double Bale Spike is the sensible choice for the higher output professional bale handler.

Single Bale Spike 100 video

 Double Bale Spike 200 video

Bale Spike series. Features & benefits

  1. Versatile bale handling solution. The Stronga Bale Spike is ultra-versatile equipment with anti-rotation removable lower spikes to hold bales in position at all times. Customers tell us they feel in complete control over the bale with our Single Bale Spike. Stronga guarantee strength in detail on the whole Bale Spike Series.
  2. Tried and tested product. Stronga have been selling the Bale Spike for many years now and over this period, we have learnt a lot about the design. The modern shape has an updated and refined design which guarantees easy bale handling, reliability in all conditions, and an economic solution, all year round.
  3. Powerful performance. The single tapered main tine is powerful, rigid and reliable to lift bales of sizes between 1200mm and 1800mm. Reliable features are a feature of all Stronga bale handling units.
  4. Penetrative shape. Stronga Bale Spikes offer easy bale penetration as they are ideally designed with a tapered spike to effortlessly pierce the bale. This great feature ensures no time is wasted in the bale loading process. The Bale Spike Series can be fitted with stunning options like the ‘High Back’ which offers the ability to pick up even more bales than the standard SBS200 specification.
  5. Aspiring to your limits. The Stronga Bale Spike design maximises lift height for even better bale handling performance. The flexible SBS200 model can easily be converted into a single bale handler for winter use in yard. This economic and useful bale handling solution is applicable all year round.

Bale Spike series technical data

Model SBS100 SBS200
Tine type Kverneland type Kverneland type
Number of tines 1 4
Top tine length 980mm 980mm
Bottom tine length 600mm
Brackets To suit any telehandler or tractor To suit any telehandler or tractor
Other feature Fits to tractor front loader of 3 point rear linkage Fits to tractor front loader of 3 point rear linkage
Other feature CE marked with certificate of Conformity CE marked with certificate of Conformity

Optional equipment

Option High Back extensions
Option Heavy-duty version (6 Kverneland tines)

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