Universal Bale Grab series

Universal Bale Grab series

The Stronga Universal Bale Grab series picks up round or square bales with a highly proven, tried and tested design. There are 2 models in the series, SUB120 and SUB240. SUB240 can handle 2 bales at a time - doubling efficiency and minimising machinery wear.


Professional agricultural bale handling

The Universal Bale Grab series offers excellent reliability, low cost of ownership and proven performance for professional agricultural bale handling.

Stronga SUB series can handle wrapped and unwrapped bales for exceptional universality, high efficiency, rapid offloading and precise stacking. The SUB series delivers performance like no other product in the attachment market today.

Re-imagine simplicity

The Stronga Universal Bale Grab is an easy-to-use and efficient bale handling solution with easy offloading and precise stacking. Consider the efficiency statistics:

  1. 100% more bales handled per hour.
  2. 50% less fuel consumption per 1000 bales handled.
  3. 50% less tractor/handler operating hours, less wear and tear.
  4. 50% fewer operator hours.

Universal Bale Grab 240 video

Universal Bale Grab series. Features & benefits

  1. Efficient by design. The Universal Bale Grab has a 1 metre gripping range, allowing the operator to grab bales of varying shapes and sizes. Higher bale handling efficiency leads to lower fuel consumption and fewer operation hours.
  2. Suited to your machine. The Universal Bale Grab can be specified for use with either 1 or 2 double acting spools. On single acting spools, dual clamps work sequentially. With double acting spools, you can independently operate clamps. Both SUBs allow you to handle 1 or 2 bales at any time.
  3. Unlimited bale handling possibilities. The Universal Bale Grab can handle a wide range of baled materials (rectangular or round) including; Straw bales, Silage bales, Cardboard bales, Hay bales, Plastic bale, Waste bales, and much more.
  4. Horizontal or Tub stacking. Bales are often awkwardly positioned in the field, making handling difficult. The Universal Bale Grab has the ability to ‘nose over’ bales for improved efficiency. This also allows the user to stack or lift bales in alternative ways to reduce cycle times.
  5. Cares for your bales the Stronga way. In today’s environment, who can afford to puncture bale wrapping and lose the bale? The Universal Bale Grab has rounded UltraCare bars which gently grab bales, reducing financial losses of torn bale wrap.

Universal Bale Grab series technical data

Model SUB120 SUB240
Maximum opening 1700mm 1700mm
Minimum opening 700mm 700mm
Brackets To suit any telehandler To suit any telehandler
Other feature Heavy-duty construction Heavy-duty construction
Other feature CE marked with certificate of Conformity CE marked with certificate of Conformity

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