DumpLoada DL800: Square Body dump trailer

DumpLoada DL800: Square Body dump trailer

The Stronga DumpLoada DL800 Square Body trailer is smallest transport solution in the series with a maximum payload of 16000kg and standard transport capacity of 8m³. The DumpLoada DL800 model is ideal for lower output hard rock transport applications.


Modern, efficient and productive

The 20 tonne Square Body DumpLoada DL800 is an extremely durable, modern, efficient and productive dump trailer for the professional operator.

Class-leading performance combined with the Stronga’s reputation for quality-built equipment provides customers with low ownership costs, strong residual values and high output dump trailer solutions.

DumpLoada DL800. Features & benefits

  1. Powerful vertical tipping cylinder. Stronga DumpLoada DL800 comes fitted with a large multistage tipping cylinder which safely and securely powers the square body to an impressive tipping height for excellent heaping ability.
  2. Knife-edge sides on the dump trailer body. The DL800 body features a clever trailer side design which ensures that materials don’t lodge on the side during loading, reducing spillage in transit.
  3. Interlock valves on Stronga dumpers. Safety interlock valves ensure the hydraulic rear door cannot be accidentally opened in transit – another example of how Stronga’s attention to detail improves the transport experience.
  4. Heavy-duty refined design. The utlra-strong DumpLoada DL800 Square Body, torsionally-braced chassis and rugged undercarriage coupled with the heavy-duty sprung drawbar result in a great ride at speed, on or off road.
  5. Smaller trailer. Maximised payload. Extensive use of Hardox 450 wear plates in the body and chassis ensures lower tare weight and higher payloads. Increased payload translates into greater productivity and profit for the customer.

DumpLoada DL800 technical data

Model DL800
Gross weight 20000kg
Max payload 16000kg
Tare weight ca. 4000kg
Drawbar load 3500kg
Sprung suspension capacity 16000kg
Standard transport capacity 9m³
Lift capacity of step 1 (180 bar) 38.4T
Oil requirement 29.4L
Minimum draft requirement 74kW (100HP)
Hitch height 510-550-590mm
Body floor Hardox – 6mm
Body side Hardox – 4mm
Colour Stronga yellow
Speed 40km/h
Standard wheels/tyres 445/65 R22,5

Bodies can be customised to any height required. All weights and measurements are subject to trailer specification and regional laws. Specifications, weights and payloads may vary on fast tow models.

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  • Email: info@stronga.co.uk

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