DumpLoada DL1400HP: Half Pipe dump trailer

DumpLoada DL1400HP: Half Pipe dump trailer

Stronga DumpLoada DL1400HP is the series topping heavy duty tipping trailer with a massive 27000kg payload and 18m³ standard transport capacity. Stronga guarantee raised power to move mountains of material reliably at an ultra low cost with our biggest half pipe tipping trailer.


Powerful and efficient tipping trailer

Need maximum productivity for a mining, quarry, or aggregate application? Let us introduce you to our biggest half pipe dump trailer – DumpLoada DL1400HP.

Boasting bigger half pipe dump bodies and even faster cycle times, DumpLoada DL1400HP is sure to deliver big-time productivity. The enormous 27 tonne payload sets the DL1400HP heavy duty tipping trailer apart from similar machines in the market.

 DumpLoada DL1400HP. Features & benefits

  1. Indestructible Hardox wear plates. The full Hardox 450 half pipe tipping trailer body delivers super high yield strength, extreme toughness and excellent durability. Hardox 450 steel provides amazing torsional strength for heavy-duty long life service.
  2. Precision engineered Half Pipe. Innovative, modern and efficient half pipe dump trailer bodies improve driving and loading dynamics and reduce shock loading during quarrying, mining and demolition operations. The Half Pipe body guarantees excellent load retention while driving the tipper trailer over undulating terrain. The Half Pipe allows fast, clean unloading, improved heaping ability and a lighter tare weight and boosted payload as the Half Pipe eliminates the need for axial and transverse beams.
  3. Well balanced experience, on and off road. The strong torsionally braced DL1400HP chassis and rugged undercarriage coupled with a heavy-duty sprung drawbar result in an extremely well balanced drive at high speed, on or off road.
  4. Dynamic tipping power. Powerful tipping cylinder, front-mounted on the one piece half pipe tipping trailer body gives you the confidence to tip heavy materials, every cycle, every day. Enjoy great heaping ability and better self-cleaning from the impressive 65° tipping angle.
  5. DumpLoada vs. Articulated Dump Truck. Customers say that our Half Pipe tipping trailers do everything an ADT dump truck can do but at a significantly lower cost.
  • Better flexibility with on and off road ability. No need to transfer heavy materials from ADT to truck at the road side.
  • Lower capital investment, providing a better return on investment on your half pipe tipping trailer trailer.
  • Lower cost per tonne handled, lower depreciation and more cost effective in the long run.
  • Lower maintenance cost from a simple, reliable and rugged Half Pipe dump trailer.

DumpLoada DL1400HP technical data

Model DL1400HP
Gross weight 34000kg
Max payload 27000kg
Tare weight ca. 7000kg
Drawbar load 3500kg
Sprung suspension capacity 36000kg
Standard transport capacity 18m³
Oil requirement 81L
Minimum draft requirement 140kW (190HP)
Body floor Hardox – 6mm
Body side Hardox – 6mm
Hitch height 470-510-550mm
Speed 40km/h
Standard wheels/tyres 600/55 R26,5

Please note all weights and measurements listed here are for reference only and are subject to regional laws. Specification, weights and payloads may vary on fast tow models.

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