DumpLoada SB series: Square Body dump trailers

DumpLoada SB series: Square Body dump trailers

The DumpLoada Square Body (SB) series represents a set of extremely durable dump trailers with capacities up to 34 tonnes gross weight. Hardox 450 wear plates used in the body and chassis of all Square Body dumpers maximises payload and productivity.


A powerful performer

Stronga Square Body DumpLoada trailers are powerfully designed to transport heavy materials in the quarrying, recycling and demolition industries.

The shape of the body offers maximum strength and durability in a monocoque construction. The strong torsionally-braced chassis and rugged undercarriage, coupled with a heavy-duty sprung drawbar result in great ride comfort at speed.

High strength solutions, every load, every day

Stronga have a history of innovation using the most advanced technology to deliver transport and handling solutions to our customers. DumpLoada trailers are well-proven to maximise earning potential, even on the toughest terrains.

Continual refinement of design leads to ever-improving performance from these ultra-light yet extra-strong dump trailers.

DumpLoada 1200SB video

DumpLoada Square Body series technical data

Model DL800SB DL1000SB DL1200SB DL1400SB
Gross weight 20000kg 24000kg 26000kg 34000kg
Max payload 16000kg 19000kg 20000kg 27000kg
Tare weight 4000kg 5000kg 6000kg 7000kg
Drawbar load 3500kg 3500kg 3500kg 3500kg
Sprung suspension capacity 16000kg 21000kg 24000kg 36000kg
Standard transport capacity 8m³ 11m³ 13m³ 18m³
Lift capacity of step 1 (180 bar) 29.7T 38.4T 38.4T 49.4T
Oil requirement 18.2L 29.4L 29.4L 45L
Minimum draft requirement 74kW (100PS) 92kW (125PS) 92kW (125PS) 140kW (190PS)
Hitch height 470-510-550mm 470-510-550mm 470-510-550mm 470-510-550mm
Body floor Hardox – 6mm Hardox – 8mm Hardox – 10mm Hardox – 10mm
Body side Hardox – 4mm Hardox – 6mm Hardox – 8mm Hardox – 8mm
Colour Stronga yellow Stronga yellow Stronga yellow Stronga yellow
Speed 40km/h 40km/h 40km/h 40km/h
Standard wheels/tyres 445/65 R22,5 445/65 R22,5 445/65 R22,5 445/65 R22,5

Bodies can be customised to any height required. All weights and measurements are subject to trailer specification and regional laws. Specifications, weights and payloads may vary on fast tow models.

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