FlowDrya Green series

FlowDrya Green series

The Stronga FlowDrya Green series is a modular, high performance and extremely effective dryer that is designed for optimum product drying efficiency and performance. The FlowDrya series is particularly effective for woodchip drying.


Stronga Drying Solutions

Stronga FlowDrya Green series is designed for optimal thermal efficiency, offering great value in the form of lowest cost per tonne dried. The all-in-one dryer ensures excellent drying versatility, extending the client’s ability to dry a range of materials.

Our environmentally-sustainable designs maximise system efficiencies to transform saturated materials into food, fuel or fertiliser. Now is a great time to add value by drying wet waste products.

Quality. Reliability. Versatility

Our approach of matching equipment design to the specific needs of our clients ensures the best whole system drying solution. There are 2 parts to the whole drying system:

    1. Heatex air handling modular package unit which is matched to the clients heat source.
    2. All-in-one FlowDrya specified to match the energy available for drying.

FlowDrya woodchip drying video

FlowDrya digestate drying video

FlowDrya series. Features & benefits

  1. Versatile drying technology. FlowDrya Green series has multiple drying possibilities for long term financial profitability and productivity. Users are now drying; woodchip, raw and separated digestate, crops and much more. Imagine the possibilities for your business.
  2. PulseWave drying. Highly efficient PulseWave thoroughly mixes and tumbles materials on the drying bed. PulseWave ensures that every part of the material interacts with the hot metal bed during the flow and receives an equal airflow, leading to uniformity of product dryness.
  3. Simplicity is paramount. FlowDrya Green series moves materials from a hopper, along a drying bed, and over a flow of temperature-controlled air from the Heatex module. The process is simple, reliable and powerfully effective. The design features no belts, chains or sprockets for low maintenance and service costs.
  4. Success, only by controlling. The illuminated 7″ DryStation control console acts as the interface between the PLC system and FlowDrya. On the read-at-a-glance touchscreen, the user has instant visual access to the FlowDrya controls and safety parameters.
  5. Efficiency in full flow. The injection of high quality Heatex air through the wet materials as they pulse along the drying bed optimises the evaporative drying process to reduce moisture content to a desired level.

FlowDrya series technical data

Model FD17GS FD30GS FD60GS
Gross weight 5750kg 7500kg 14000kg
Overall length 11000mm 15000mm 15000mm
Width (excl. insulation) 2680mm  2680mm 5360mm
Height (excl. hopper) 2000mm 2000mm 2000mm
Drying bed surface area 17m² 30m² 60m²
Flared wet material hopper capacity* 3M.D.** M.D.** M.D.**
Fines removal auger Standard Standard Standard
Drying bed strokes per hour control Standard Standard Standard
Drying bed speed control valve Standard Standard Standard
Electrical overload sensing Standard Standard Standard
E-stop safety shutdown Standard (2) Standard (2) Standard (2)
3 phase electro-hydraulic power unit Standard Standard Standard
Side intake air vents Standard Standard Standard
Lifting points 4 4 8

*Extension hopper capacity available. ** M.D. = Material Dependent.

As we are continually improving our products technical details; masses and measurements are given as reference values only.

Contact us

Stronga require certain information to allow us to properly advise clients. We work with all boiler manufacturers and installers to establish the most financially and thermally efficient solution. If you want more information on the Stronga FlowDrya Green series, contact our friendly sales team.

  • Telephone: (+44) 01992 519000
  • Email: info@stronga.co.uk

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