FlowFeeda series

FlowFeeda series

Stronga FlowFeeda is a modular, versatile and high performance storage and handling unit which is designed to reliably deliver a constant supply of materials for onward processing. Stronga FlowFeeda is typically used as a woodchip fuel storage and feeder module.


Universal storage and feeder module

Stronga FlowFeeda is a multi-purpose material storage and feeding module which is designed to handle a range of materials, including; woodchip, bark, digestate, SRF, manure, cereals and much more.

Simple design. Excellent reliability

FlowFeeda has a simple design, consisting of a single moving floor with several lateral angled rams running the length of the module.

The lateral rams gradually feed materials along the floor towards to open end of the module. The moving floor can be operated in both manual and automatic modes via the control panel.

FlowFeeda series. Features & benefits

  1. Future-proof design. The unique ability of FlowFeeda to store and deliver a whole range of materials (woodchip, sawdust, grain, digestate etc.) means that the user can adapt to changing trends, as and when required.
  2. Ultra-high loading capacity. Stronga manufacture 3 types of storage and feeding modules – FF60, FF80 and FF100. Even the smallest FF60 model has a massive 60m³ capacity, automatically delivering wood fuel (& other materials) for long periods, before being loaded once more.
  3. Easy-to-operate control panel. The easy-to-use control panel features several operation buttons including a power switch, hydraulic pump button, auto/manual selector and moving floor buttons. Processes can be automated to allow unsupervised operations.
  4. Excellent roof equipment. The standard FlowFeeda specification can be developed with excellent optional equipment like the roll sheet or hydraulic roof. The hydraulic roof allows the user to easily cover stored materials from precipitation (if FlowFeeda is externally located).
  5. Reliable design. Long life performance. Customers enjoy the benefits of a simple and uncomplicated design with no belts, chains or sprockets. Simple and reliable FlowFeeda has a low cost of ownership and high resale value.

FlowFeeda series technical data

Model FF60 FF80 FF30 ISO***
Gross weight* 5500kg 8500kg 4350kg
Length 8500mm 10865mm 6060mm
Width 3120mm 3120mm 2440mm
Height (excluding legs) 2800mm 2800mm 2900mm
Floor surface area 25m² 33m² N/A
Loading capacity** 60m³ 80m³ 30m³
Proximity switches for floor control 24/240V 24/240V 24/240V
Control panel Standard Standard Standard
Volt-free input Standard Standard Standard
Floor speed valve Standard Standard Standard
E-stop button Standard (1) Standard (1) Standard (1)
3 phase Electro-hydraulic power unit Standard Standard Standard
Front intake air vent Standard Standard Standard
Lifting points 4 4 8

* Depending on equipment fitted. ** Depends on bulk density of the material. *** Other FF ISO capacities available. Contact us for more information.

Optional equipment

Option Adjustable material depth control weir gate
Option Roll sheet cover
Option Hydraulic roof
Option Legs (height to suit requirements)

Contact us

If you want more information on the Stronga FlowFeeda series, contact our friendly sales team.

  • Telephone: (+44) 01992 519000
  • Email: info@stronga.co.uk

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