Grain Bucket series

Grain Bucket series

The Stronga Grain Bucket series of large capacity buckets are optimised to bring operators maximum efficiency, productivity and reliability in grain handling. SGB buckets are reinforced with strong bracing for anti-torsion strength to support heavy capacities.


Modern high capacity grain buckets

Stronga’s proven range of modern high capacity Grain Buckets are optimised to bring operators maximum efficiency in grain handling.

The simple and effective Stronga Grain Bucket series is proven to work in the field, offering customers endless operations and perfect performance in grain handling. You’ll soon fall in love with this brilliant grain handling solution.

Grain Bucket series. Features & benefits

  1. Tried and tested. The Grain Bucket series is a feature of evolution and innovation, resulting in this highly reliable design. Customers are confident of fast, easy and clean emptying from the modern design of a strong and reliable bucket that has a high resale value.
  2. Optimal capacity. Stronga always look for ways to increase efficiency and the bucket design has evolved over the years to the optimal shape. Reinforced steel in the right places with a strong top cross bar, bracing and stiffening offer anti-torsion strength to support the heavy capacity potential.
  3. Cutting-edge construction. The bucket’s leading edge is angled to easily penetrate grain, reducing strain on the bucket and loaded arm for long life reliability. The 400 Brinell hardened cutting-edge is pre-drilled for easy attachment wear blades or digging teeth.
  4. Long service life. Heel wearing plates protect the underside of the bucket, preventing damage and helping extend the buckets life. Clever design features combined with top quality components means the bucket is easy to maintain.
  5. Stunning value and added flexibility. Stronga sell direct for great value for money. Add a Stronga Bucket Brush or Stronga Grab to the Grain Bucket design to extend the use. Matching the attachment to the loader is important so seek for specialist advice from our sales team.

Grain Bucket series technical data

Model SGB2.5 SGB3
Capacity 2.5m³ 3m³
Height 1320mm 1410mm
Depth 1145mm 1335mm
Width 2300mm 2300mm
Cutting edge 20mm x 220mm 20mm x 220mm

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