Grain Pusher series

Grain Pusher series

The Stronga Grain Pusher series represents a quality range of attachments constructed with superior build strength, reliable technology and long life features. The Grain Pusher series ranges from 2.5m-4m long, all with a 2.3m wide blades for optimal efficiency.


Maximising grain store capacities

The reliable and thoroughly tested series of Stronga Grain Pushers are designed to make efficient use of grain storage facilities.

We understand that efficient use of buildings and equipment is of utmost importance on modern farms. The Stronga Grain Pusher Series allows customers to easily maximise the capacity of their grain stores.

Grain Pusher series. Features & benefits

  1. Proven grain handling performance. Stronga Grain Pushers work tirelessly across the globe, year on year, on farming operations of every size. Customers take comfort in the Grain Pusher design because it is proven to produce reliable performance.
  2. Established design. The Stronga Grain Pusher series features a reliable and widely-used design, renowned for strength and build quality. Like all Stronga products, our Grain Pusher series is constructed using only the best equipment and technology.
  3. Improved efficiency for the modern series. The modern series of Stronga Grain Pushers feature a new and improved rounded-edge which acts as a self-cleaning blade. We strike for innovation so customers can enjoy optimum performance.
  4. Superior build strength. The Grain Pusher design features side pieces made from single lengths of box section steel, a heavy-duty chassis with stiffening and bracing for optimal rigidity, and extensive support along the length of the Pusher and behind the blade.
  5. Re-thinking efficiency. Stronga are in the business of making efficient machines which improve the customer’s process. The Stronga Grain Pusher series has a 2.3m wide blade which delivers excellent efficiency to push the most grain possible at any one time.

Grain Pusher series technical data

Model SGP225 SGP230 SGP235 SGP240
Blade width 2300mm 2300mm 2300mm 2300mm
Length 2500mm 3000mm 3500mm 4000mm
Height 800mm 800mm 800mm 800mm
Weight 360kg 400kg 440kg 480kg
Other feature CE marked with Certificate of Conformity CE marked with Certificate of Conformity CE marked with Certificate of Conformity CE marked with Certificate of Conformity

Optional equipment

Option Thick reversible bolt on rubber blade
Option Heavy-duty version (6 Kverneland tines)

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