DumpLoada DL1000HP: Half Pipe dump trailer

DumpLoada DL1000HP: Half Pipe dump trailer

The Stronga DumpLoada DL1000 Half Pipe model offers the professional operator with modernity and innovation for the highly efficient transport of heavy materials. The ultra-strong design is suited to road building, quarrying, mining, recycling and demolition industries.


A commitment to heavy materials

The Stronga DumpLoada DL1000 Half Pipe is a modern, robust and long life heavy material transport solution for the professional contractor.

Stronga DumpLoada DL1000HP is designed through extensive collaboration with customers to give unparalleled durability, reliability and robustness. Our dump trailer series deliver strength and working life whilst outperforming its rivals.

DumpLoada DL1000HP video

DumpLoada DL1000HP. Features & benefits

  1. Lighter, stronger and designed for long life. Hardox’s unique qualities of hardness, toughness and structural strength makes it possible to use thinner, lighter plates. This dramatically reduces tare weight while maintaining strength and durability. Lower tare weight means higher payloads and greater productivity.
  2. 30% faster cycle times. Increased productivity and maximised profitability. Large multistage tipping cylinder is dual fed for faster tipping and faster lowering, helping to speed up cycle times by an average of 30%. The low 960mm sides allow for a reduced loading height; saving you time and money.
  3. Ultimate heaping ability. Huge, front-mounted tipping cylinder powers the body up to a 56̊  tipping angle, creating unrivalled heaping ability that removes wasteful overhandling of materials. The intelligent rear door pivoting hinge delivers an easy flow of the bulkiest materials, helping you tip more precisely. The hinge also helps to increase the life of the door, reducing stress and minimising maintenance costs.
  4. Balanced ride for unbeatable comfort and traction. Axle and suspension configuration ensure the smoothest and safest ride, on or off the road. Wide leaf sprung drawbar and excellent weight distribution between the tractor and dumper minimise shock loads at high speeds and maximise traction.
  5. Precision and perfection. Height adjustment allows operators to achieve the perfect ride height on any tractor. The half-pipe shape provides a lower centre of gravity than found on traditional square bodied dumpers, helping to further improve stability.

DumpLoada DL1000HP technical data

Model DL1000HP
Gross weight 26000kg
Max payload 20000kg
Tare weight ca. 6000kg
Drawbar load 3500kg
Sprung suspension capacity 24000kg
Standard transport capacity 14m³
Oil requirement 36.7L
Minimum draft requirement 109kW (150PS)
Body floor HARDOX 450 – 6mm
Body sides HARDOX 450 – 6mm
Hitch height 510-550-590mm
Speed 40km/h
Standard wheels/tyres 600/55 R26,5

Please note all weights and measures listed here are for reference only and are subject to regional laws. Specification, weights and payloads may vary on fast tow models.

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  • Email: info@stronga.co.uk

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