Heatex Dual Fan (DF) series

Heatex Dual Fan (DF) series

Stronga Heatex air modules feature low energy fans and thermally efficient heat exchangers to maximise energy efficiency and optimise evaporative drying. Our high performance air tech rooms work alongside Stronga FlowDrya and Drying Stations.


Heatex DF smart air control

A vital component of Stronga Drying Solutions is the design of the Heatex DF air control technology module. While external weather can affect drying performance, it is important to understand that it is the air quality that does the drying in the end.

Heatex Dual Fan (DF) air control modules are individually designed to optimise drying air performance via optimal air temperature, airflow and air pressure from the energy available. Proven Heatex modules consist of low energy fans and thermally efficient heat exchangers to maximise energy efficiency and optimise evaporative drying.

Modular drying system

The Stronga Heatex DF air control module works alongside the Stronga FlowDrya or as part of Stronga Drying Stations. In both drying systems, the modular Heatex technology room delivers a flux of high quality drying airflow into the drying unit (FlowDrya or drying containers) to reduce material moisture content.

Modern customers are typically using Stronga Drying Solutions as a means of reducing the moisture content of woodchip, wood shavings, raw and separated digestate, RDF and SRF, manure and much more.

Is Heatex for you?

Stronga highly recommend that clients in the following sectors consider Stronga drying solutions to add value while optimising waste heat utilisation:

  • Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants or any Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants that have spare residual heat.
  • Sawmills with saturated woodchip for conversion to dry renewable bio fuel.
  • Waste companies who can convert waste streams to valuable fuel supplies.
  • Estate with forestry to be chipped, dried and sold as renewable biomass boiler fuel.
  • Clients with under-utilised biomass boilers who can use the spare capacity to create dry renewable bio fuel.

Heatex DF series technical data

Model H250DF H350DF H500DF H850DF
Thermal output capacity* 250kW 350kW 500kW 850kW
Dry weight 3500kg 3650kg 3850kg 4250kg
Internal length 5950mm 5950mm 5950mm 5950mm
External length 6100mm 6100mm 6100mm 6100mm
Internal width 2370mm 2370mm 2370mm 2370mm
External width 2440mm 2440mm 2440mm 2440mm
Internal height 2400mm 2400mm 2400mm 2400mm
External height 2620mm 2620mm 2620mm 2620mm
Dual plug fans (415V 3 phase) 4kW 5.5kW 7.5kW 7.5kW
Deep core heat exchanger Standard Standard Standard Standard
Smart controls with man & auto settings Standard Standard Standard Standard
Aluminium anti-corrosion air louvre Standard Standard Standard Standard
Analogue & Digital sensors Standard Standard Standard Standard
Air filter Standard Standard Standard Standard
Andon status display Standard Standard Standard Standard
Flanges for flow & return pipes** Standard Standard Standard Standard
Remote alarm volt-free contacts Standard Standard Standard Standard
Twin plug socket Standard Standard Standard Standard
Light with switch Standard Standard Standard Standard
Lifting points Standard Standard Standard Standard
400mm diameter adjustable airflow ports 2 – Drying Station option 4 – Drying Station option 6 – Drying Station option 6 – Drying Station option
3m long 400mm diameter air duct 2 – Drying Station option 4 – Drying Station option 6 – Drying Station option 6 – Drying Station option
Extra 1m long 400mm diameter air duct Drying Station option Drying Station option Drying Station option Drying Station option

Other Dual Fan sizes available, contact our sales team for more information.

*Based on set parameters. **Water flow and return pipes supplied and installed by the client to the location of the Heatex module.

Contact us

Stronga Heatex DF air control modules are individually specified, designed and configured to suit the client’s site requirements. If you want more information on the Stronga Heatex series, contact our friendly sales team.

  • Telephone: (+44) 01992 519000
  • Email: info@stronga.co.uk

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