Dump container HP series: Half Pipe

Dump container HP series: Half Pipe

Stronga hook lift dump containers offer extremely durable, reliable and long life containerised solutions for transporting heavy materials in quarrying, recycling and demolition industries. The Half Pipe body is proven to prevent blockages and material build-up.


Ultra-hard hook lift containers

Extremely durable Stronga Half Pipe dump containers are designed for transporting heavy materials in construction industries.

The Stronga hook lift dump container offers maximum strength and durability in a well-proven, rigid and highly powerful Half Pipe shape which delivers excellent material ejection.

Half Pipe dump container. Features & benefits

  1. Well-proven Half Pipe container performance. The Half Pipe shape of the dump container body was developed by Stronga to provide excellent self-cleaning properties, preventing blockages and material build up.
  2. Built Stronga to last longer. Stronga Half Pipe dump containers feature heavy bracing and support in high stress areas due to their high capacity and heavy intended use. Stronga assess high stress areas using innovative 3D testing software.
  3. Efficient material ejection. The optional hydraulic rear up and over door (coupled with the Half Pipe body shape) reduces working cycle times and opens wide to allow bulky loads or large rocks a quick, clear exit.
  4. Hardox in my Body. Stronga Half Pipe dump containers are manufactured with abrasion-resistant Hardox 400 wear plates for reduced weight and increased strength. The light tare weight maximises payloads with the advantage of a long working life that high strength steel brings.
  5. Flexible dump containers. The body shape is not fully Half Pipe. The flat body bottom allows the container to be more general purpose to allow the operator to transport excavators and other materials/machinery. Direct sales from Stronga, means you get great value for money.

Half Pipe dump container technical data

Model HP12
Capacity 12m³
Height 800mm
Length 6500mm
Body sides 4mm HARDOX
Body floor 5mm HARDOX

Optional equipment

Option Extra-high headboard
Option Lashing points
Option Removable ramps

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