Hook lift flatbed series

Hook lift flatbed series

Stronga hook lift flatbeds are designed with a reinforced chassis and additional under floor support beams for moving heavy plant, heavy materials, palletised materials, fertiliser bags, timber, scaffolding, potato boxes, tanks, water bowsers and much more.


High performance hook lift flatbeds

Stronga heavy -duty hook lift flatbeds are designed to work year-round in a wide range of demanding industries.

Our flatbeds work alongside the HookLoada trailer to provide a reliable surface for transporting valuable equipment and materials. Numerous options are available to allow the customer to modify the Stronga flatbed so suit requirements.

Stronga by design

The Stronga heavy-duty flatbed series features increased bracing and support in high stress areas due to their high capacity and heavy-intended use. The design, build and finish quality of all Stronga products make them virtually maintenance-free.

Highly Flexible

Stronga hook lift flatbeds deliver the flexibility that the modern contractor requires. Our flatbed solutions are ideal for moving almost anything you can imagine from bales to excavators, palletised materials to scaffolding, and water bowsers to fertiliser bags. Imagine the possibilities for your business.

Hook lift flatbed series technical data

Model  HF57  HF66  HF69
Deck length 5700mm 6600mm 6900mm
Deck width 2500mm 2500mm 2500mm
Other feature Lashing points Lashing points Lashing points
Other feature Front toolbox Front toolbox Front toolbox
Other feature Bolster ports Bolster ports Bolster ports

Optional equipment

Option Extra high headboard
Option Additional lashing points
Option Recessed lashing points
Option Bale ladders
Option Durbar flooring
Option Timber decking
Option Outriggers
Option Removable bolsters
Option ISO Locks
Option Removable or flip down ramps

Contact us

If you want more information on Stronga hook lift flatbeds, contact our friendly sales team.

  • Telephone: (+44) 01992 519000
  • Email: info@stronga.co.uk

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