HookLoada HL014C: Hook lift trailer

HookLoada HL014C: Hook lift trailer

The Stronga HookLoada HL014 model is strong, stable and easily maneuverable for excellent performance on smaller contracted projects. HookLoada HL014 is for the more professional user wanting to handle hook lift containers up to 4600mm long.


A wealth of design experience

Stronga have a wealth of experience in designing high performance hook lift equipment for the professional contractor.

The HL014C trailer model to this day continues to guarantee a low cost of ownership and high resale value due the it’s high quality components and future-proofed concept.

HookLoada HL014C video

Robustness and Rigidity

If you want a robust trailer that can work day-in and day-out with demountable containers across a wide range of sectors (Agriculture, Industry, Amenity, Contracting, Construction etc.), this is the trailer for you.

The optional tilt tower upgrade reduces the loading angle hook lift even with larger diameter wheels.  Its versatility and strength make it the perfect choice for users who want hook equipment that is maneuverable in confined areas.

HookLoada HL014C technical data

Model HL014C
Hook tower Tiltable
Gross weight 17000kg
Max hooking load 14000kg
Max tipping load 14000kg
Drawbar load 3500kg
Tare weight ca. 3000kg
Sprung suspension capacity 14000kg
Main cylinders 1 unit
Oil requirement 12.5L
Minimum draft requirement 80kW (110HP)
Hydraulic pressure required 200 bar
Connections to tractor 3 x double acting
Hitch height 510-550-590mm
Max width (standard wheels) 2550mm
Standard wheels 560/45 R22,5

Please note all weights and measures listed here are for reference only and are subject to regional laws. Specification, weights and payloads may vary on fast tow models.

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If you want more information on the Stronga HookLoada HL014C trailer, contact our friendly sales team.

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