HookLoada HL210CT In stock now available to view

HookLoada HL210CT In stock now available to view

New in, the HL210CT Stronga bigger capacity HookLift Trailer. The one we have in stock has the auxilliary service on the Hook Tower and has full length aluminium mudguards.


Presenting the new HookLoada HL210CT: Hook lift trailer

Stronga HookLoada HL210CT hook lift trailer is a high quality and high capacity trailer designed for contractor use. Stronga are specialist, market-leading manufacturers of hook lift trailers and our growing experience results in optimum trailer performance.

HookLoada HL210CT. Features & benefits

  1. Efficient hook lift machine. HL210CT offers huge efficiency and flexibility improvements in material transport. Hook lift trailer efficiency leads to financial savings and environmental benefits.
  2. Reduced maintenance costs: Customers benefit from reduced expenses by operating a single high performance transport shuttle. Reduced tractor hours per year from improved working efficiency reduces tractor capital depreciation. Furthermore there can be a saving in the number of tractors required in transportation.
  3. Reduced labour costs: Shuttling containers with one hook trailer will improve efficiency. Rather than the tractor and operator waiting to be loaded, simply drop off the empty container and pick up the full one.
  4. Flexible with potential: Ground demountable containers allow safer and faster loading of material or equipment. Container exchange takes about a minute, no waiting time. Furthermore, increased flexibility of working on and off road increases opportunities for transport cost reduction and increased profit generation.
  5. Transport and Storage Solution: Loaded hook lift containers can be used as temporary storage. One hook trailer plus containers costs less than a number of single purpose trailers. Think it over.

 If you want any more information, please call 01992519000 and speak to the sales team and you can come and view the trailer.

Gross Weight @ 40km/h:
Hook Tower:
Tare weight:
ca 5500kg
Drawbar load:
3500kg (4000 kg*)
Hydraulic pressure required:
200 bar
Standard wheels:
560/60 R22.5
Connections to tractor:
3 x double acting
Detail Name 8:

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