HookLoada HL260CT XL: Hook lift trailer

HookLoada HL260CT XL: Hook lift trailer

The Stronga HookLoada HL260CT XL offers the professional contractor increased capacity and length, setting a new standard in hook lift equipment design. The HL260T XL model is the largest capacity trailer system in the globally recognised HookLoada series.


Our mission to set new standards

The innovative Stronga HookLoada HL260CT XL offers the professional contractor increased capacity and length, setting a new standard in hook trailer design.

Stronga hook lift trailers continue to offer customers long life reliability, ultra-efficiency and versatility that is unrivaled in the hook lift trailer market. Below, see an overview of the pioneering Stronga HookLoada HL260CT XL which comes with a telescopic tipping tower.

HookLoada HL260CT XL video

HookLoada HL260CT XL. Features & benefits

  1. Evolutionary trailer.  Built from the ground up, HL260CT XL delivers powerful benefits, carrying longer containers with greater payload space. Massive 26 tonne capacity maximises transport efficiency; reducing fuel costs, maintenance costs and operator hours.
  2. Compact and low trailer.  HL260CT XL is compact and low for a machine of it’s ability. Stronga’s highest output hook trailer is targeted towards the professional operator, offering strength, working life and residual values over and above that of any other equipment available in the market today.
  3. 30% faster cycle times.  Reducing time spent tipping and exchanging containers is an important factor in increasing efficiency of hook lift operations. HL260CT XL has an upgraded high capacity PTO pump with 30% increased capacity, leading to 30% faster cycle times.
  4. Longer. Lighter. Stronga.  Tare weight has been minimised while strength and service life have been maximised through increased use of Weldox and Hardox high strength steel in key areas. This brings improved efficiency through increased payload, leading to fewer tractor hours, lower fuel consumption and lower overall costs per tonne.
  5. Chassis and steering axle technology.  A completely new ADR steering axle has been integrated with a narrower and deeper chassis. This ADR axle provides an improved steering angle for better maneuverability. The larger, more powerful steering cylinder handles large modern radial trailer tyres with ease.

HookLoada HL260CT XL technical data

Model HL260CT XL
Hook tower Telescopic
Gross weight 33500kg
Max hooking load 26000kg
Max tipping load 26000kg
Drawbar load 3500kg
Tare weight ca. 7200kg
Parabolic prung suspension capacity 36000kg
Main cylinders 2 units
Oil requirement Own hydraulic
Minimum draft requirement 140kW (190PS)
Hydraulic pressure required 270 bar
Connections to tractor
Hitch height 510-550-590mm
Max width (standard wheels) 2550mm
Standard wheels 560/60 R22,5

Please note all weights and measures listed here are for reference only and are subject to regional laws. Specification, weights and payloads may vary on fast tow models.

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