Drying Stations series

Drying Stations series

Stronga Drying Stations are an all-inclusive drying system which includes HAF or VAF drying containers, Heatex air control modules and the world-famous HookLoada trailer. Stronga have a wealth of experience in supplying the 3 part all-inclusive Drying Station.


Stronga drying experience

Stronga have experience in designing and manufacturing all-inclusive solutions for material drying in hooklift container modules. Stronga have the confidence to provide specialist advice, support and efficient drying solutions for clients.

All-inclusive drying solutions

Stronga HAF and VAF drying containers work alongside HookLoada and Heatex air control modules for the transport, delivery, storage and drying of wet materials. The 3-part ‘Stronga Drying Stations’ system allows customers to dry a range of materials, including; woodchip, raw and separated digestate, grain, poultry manure and much more.

HAF containerised drying concept

Stronga HAF drying containers direct warm air from the attached Heatex air control module into the container’s central air plenum. Warm air instantly heats the plenum steel and through thermal conduction, coupled with good airflow, wet materials quickly reach an evaporative temperature.

In Stronga HAF drying containers, drying air only travels horizontally through about 1m of wet material, preventing energy-consuming recondensation which is experienced in vertical airflow ‘bottom up’ VAF type drying containers.

Stronga also manufacture VAF containers but we strongly recommend that customers consider HAF solutions due to the superior drying efficiency offered.

Drying Stations series. Features & benefits

  1. All-inclusive drying system. Stronga Drying Stations allow customers to collect wet materials in the HAF container, dry in the HAF container, and eventually deliver the dry output with the HAF container. 2, 4 or 6ontainer ports can be added to the Heatex module to allow the user to connect more HAF containers.
  2. Flexible drying solutions. HAF drying containers are adaptable to changing trends with the ability to dry a wide range of materials. Customers with more than 1 wet product can simultaneously dry different materials with multiple HAF drying containers.
  3. Valuable mobile assets. The 3-part Stronga Drying Station system is a valuable mobile asset that has quality built-in. The flexible, mobile and modular system has a low cost of ownership and high resale value.
  4. Low temperature, low energy drying. Stronga HAF drying containers are low temperature (60-90 degrees C), low energy and low noise dryers that offer steady, safe and environmentally-friendly drying performance across a wide range of materials.
  5. Customised to your requirements. Stronga HAF drying containers come fitted with a removable lower floor so customers can modify the design to suit requirements. That means customers have the option to use the transport system for alternative applications.

Contact us

Stronga require certain information to allow us to properly advise clients. We work with all boiler manufacturers and installers to establish the most financially and thermally efficient solution. For more information on Stronga Drying Stations, contact our sales team.

  • Telephone: (+44) 01992 519000
  • Email: info@stronga.co.uk
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