ISO-container hook lift frame

ISO-container hook lift frame

Stronga hook lift ISO-container frames are designed with user efficiency and productivity in mind. The easy-to-use frame design allows professional operators to efficiently transport 20ft ISO shipping containers with their HookLoada trailer.


Utilising shipping containers

Stronga ISO-container hook lift frames are designed to allow operators to easily transport 20ft ISO shipping containers with their hook lift system.

Stronga hook lift containers, bodies and frames are designed using only high strength steels and quality components. That means the customer receives only long life, reliable and durable products.

ISO-container frame. Features & benefits

  1. Extending professional flexibility. Stronga ISO-container skeleton frames also allow the professional operator to utilise shipping containers as conventional hook lift containers, for a wide variety of tasks.
  2. A reinforced design. Stronga ISO-container hook lift frames are reinforced with ultra high strength steels, cross-bracing and extra support in the design to deliver robust and long life performance.
  3. Low cost of ownership. Stronga hook lift shipping container frames are virtually maintenance-free because of their superior design, build and finish quality.
  4. Stunning frame value. Direct sales from Stronga in the UK means the professional user gets great value for money for their additional hook lift solution.
  5. A wealth of experience. Stronga have years of experience in helping customers specify the right hook lift frames for shipping containers to achieve maximum efficiency. Our friendly team of experts can advise you on the best solution for your operation.

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