Log Grapple SLG200

Log Grapple SLG200

The Stronga Log Grapple SLG200 model is a highly reliable round wood material handler that has been precision-engineered for maximal log and timber transportation. The lightweight, ultra-strong design is best suited to smaller independent timber handling contractors.


Timber handling solutions

The Stronga Log Grapple SLG200 is an efficient and easy-to-use timber handling attachment for the professional contractor.

The reliable Log Grapple design will provide years of versatility and class-leading log and timber transportation. The upgraded design allows the handling of multiple materials – not just timber. Discover the log handling video below.

Log Grapple SLG200 video

Log Grapple SLG200. Features & benefits

  1. A universal product. Log Grapple SLG200 is a product of versatility. Customers can handle timber that varies in type, length and diameter with the wide opening design. The Stronga log handler is ideal for use on a handler in the forest or in the timber yard to load, unload and sort timber. Stronga have modified the design to increase its universality.
  2. Equalized oil flow. Powerful twin rams and forks are naturally protected by the oil divider valve which is fitted as standard on SLG200. This feature equalises the oil to give the Log Grapple 200 optimal grapple control for extra grip and increased operator safety.
  3. Precision engineered twin lower forks. Lower grapple forks are tapered to form ‘spike’ shapes which glide through timber of any shape and size. The flat and wide ‘pancake’ fork shape provides greater surface contact with the timber to maximise load capacity and reduce wood damage.
  4. Strong clamping twin upper forks. The twin curved upper fork design is ideal to safely clamp material. The open grab berth of 1100mm optimises timber loading ability. The closed grab capacity allows single log handling. The open:closed ratio gives customers timber handling flexibility. The upper fork design generates unlimited versatility, efficiency and safety.
  5. Built Stronga to last longer. Hardox 450 high strength steel in high stress areas guarantees longevity and reliability. Hardox 450 withstands even the most intense impact from any material you handle. Stronga only use reliable, thoroughly tested technology that serves your requirements.

Log Grapple SLG200 technical data

Model SLG200
Weight 320kg
Maximum opening 1100mm
Log diameter 800mm
Steel HARDOX 450 steel
Brackets To suit any telehandler
Other feature Separate working top grab
Other feature Hydraulic valve regulates each top grab press
Other feature Two working cylinders
Other feature CE marked with Certificate of Conformity

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