Universal Bucket series

Universal Bucket series

The Stronga Universal Buckets series come in capacities of 1, 1.5, 2 and 2m³ for optimum efficiency in heavy material handling. Highly reliable and well-proven Stronga Universal Buckets are the highest quality and most durable in the attachment market.


Optimum efficiency in material handling

The Stronga Universal Bucket has a versatile and modern design that offers the professional operator optimum efficiency in heavy material handling.

Our multi-purpose UB series of attachments offer high performance across a range of material handling applications, leading to great value for money. This is a truly risk-free investment opportunity.

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Universal Rehandling Bucket. Features & benefits

  1. Modern design concept. For quick and clean emptying, Stronga Universal Buckets feature rolled backs and a tapered design. The Stronga Universal Bucket series have a multi-purpose, all-in-one design to deliver everything the customer requires.
  2. Efficient operations. The Stronga Universal Bucket is designed for optimum fill capacity. The crowd angle of the loader is taken into account for easy level filling, leading to optimal efficiency and productivity.
  3. Stronga for longer. Brackets wrapped over the top of the Universal Bucket evenly spread the load to optimise carrying capacity. Stronga Buckets are reinforced in the right places with a strong top cross bar, bracing and stiffening for anti-torsion strength.
  4. High performance features. 400 Brinell hardened cutting-edge is pre-drilled for easy attachment wear blade and/or digging teeth. Heel wearing plates protect the underside of the bucket, preventing damage to extend the buckets life. Clever design features (easy-access grease nipples) ensure low maintenance costs.
  5. Great value investment. Add a grab, digging teeth or brush to the Universal Bucket for extended multi-purpose ability. The addition of a grab increases the filling capabilities and abilities of the bucket, with up to 20% extra filling for lighter materials.

Universal Bucket series technical data

Model UB1 UB1.5 UB2 UB2.5
Capacity 1m³ 1.5m³ 2m³ 2.5m³
Height 850mm 1080mm 1295mm N/A
Width 2300mm 2300mm 2300mm 2500mm
Depth 900mm 1092mm 1270mm N/A
Other feature 20mm x 220mm 20mm x 220mm 20mm x 220mm 20mm x 220mm
Other feature 2 hydraulic cylinders 2 hydraulic cylinders 2 hydraulic cylinders 2 hydraulic cylinders

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