Road Grader SRG2400

Road Grader SRG2400

The Stronga Road Grader SRG2400 is a specialised, premium-level road maintenance attached designed specifically for the professional contractor. The Road Grader SRG2400 is a product of hard work and determination, that's why it has been proven in the harshest environments.


Premium level road maintenance

The Stronga Road Grader SRG2400 is a niche, premium level machine for the professional contractor.

The Road Grader SRG2400 is a durable road maintenance tractor or telehandler attachment that will provide years of grading, producing surfaces that you and your community will be thrilled with. Contact us today to discover our Road Grader could suit your business.

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Road Grader SRG2400. Features & benefits

  1. Interlocking blade technology. Multiple interlocking Hardox 450 blades are a feature of Road Grader SRG2400 that are innovative and ground-breaking in the road grading industry. 5 blades interlock to thoroughly filter debris. The efficient blade design ensures no debris is missed so you only have to grade once. The road is left smooth, compact and obstacle-free.
  2. Last line of defence. If you thought 5 blades was ultra-impressive, we added a final device at the rear of the chassis to provide the finishing touches. The angled Hardox 450 bar at the back is semi-open to filter the remaining debris to the road-side and leave a pristine surface in your trail.
  3. Only the best with Stronga. Durable Hardox 450 wear blades, hard steel teeth and a Hardox and Weldox body are features of this reliable product. Stronga guarantee that this product will offer you a lifetime of road grading.
  4. Super down force. Multiple powerful hydraulic cylinders across the chassis offer a down force that compacts the road structure for firm, flat and assured surfaces. Hydraulic cylinders are situated across the chassis so you have full control over the blades.
  5. Quality infrastructure. Road Grader SRG2400 has the ability to offer greater downforce on one side of the chassis. This unique ability allows grading at different angles so you can design the road however you like. Grading the outer-side of the road deeper allows surface water to drain to the road-side to reduce the risk of flooding.

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