Round Bale Grab SRB120

Round Bale Grab SRB120

Stronga Round Bale Grab SRB120 picks up and inverts round or square bales with rounded anti-wrap-damage bars. The Round Bale Grab comes fitted with innovative features like the FingerClamp bars to make light and easy work of bale handling operations.


Innovation in bale handling

The Stronga Round Bale Grab SRB120 attachment offers added flexibility, low cost of ownership and proven performance for professional bale handling.

The Stronga SRB120 bale handler offer reliability through the well-proven design via the 60mm diameter clamp frames, FingerClamp shaped bars and rounded UltraCare technology.

Round Bale Grab 120 video

Round Bale Grab SRB120. Features & benefits

  1. Advanced arm tech. Round Bale Grab arms are a product of evolution, resulting in secure bale handling. The 60mm arm diameter reliably handles the heaviest bales. FingerClamp bars clamp bales in the securest possible way, reducing waste of dropped bales. Rounded bale-contact points ensure wrap preservation.
  2. Versatile stacking ability. The Round Bale Grab offers the ability to stack or lift bales in alternative ways (tub or horizontal) to improve efficiency and ease-of-use while reducing cycle times.
  3. Added strength, the Stronga way. A long life machine makes good all-round sense. The robust SRB120 chassis works hard for the professional operator, providing quality operations.
  4. Check valve control. Bale handlers are fitted with a check valve pre-set for optimum control of pressure output. The check valve optimises the bale gripping power, while protecting the machine from overload, leading to a longer life.
  5. Upgrade – SRB120W – for baled waste. Stronga now offer SRB120W which is an upgraded, heavier-duty bale handling alternative. What is new?
    • UltraGrip arms. UltraGrip material on the arms allows handling of heavier waste bales.
    • Extra reinforcement. The waste bale handling chassis is reinforced with extra-steel to once again improve heavy handling potential.
    • Upgraded cylinder and pins. Upgraded cylinder for extra-gripping power up to 2000kg bale weight. Upgraded pins deliver extra strength.

Round Bale Grab SRB120 technical data

Model SRB120
Maximum opening 1800mm
Minimum opening
Brackets To suit any telehandler
Option Unrolling attachment

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