Snow Plough straight blade series in stock one SSP280H with Hardox Blade

Snow Plough straight blade series in stock one SSP280H with Hardox Blade

The Stronga Snow Plough straight blade series was developed in collaboration with our well-informed Scandinavian sales partners. The output was a quality, reliable and efficient Snow Plough that ranges from 2.8-3 metres wide with a blade angle of 30°, left or right.


World famous Snow Plough series

The Stronga straight blade Snow Plough series is quickly becoming a globally recognised range.

The Snow Plough design is a product of work alongside our experienced customers and dealers in Scandinavia. Together, we developed a cost-effective Snow Plough which is ideal for clearing roads and yards.

A well-proven plough series

The Stronga straight blade Snow Plough is hydraulically angled and comes in 2 sizes – SSP280 and SSP300. SSP280 is the smaller model available in the series, better suited to smaller independent contractors than high output public operators.

Snow Plough video

Snow Plough series. Features & benefits

  1. Floating head design. The new floating head design allows horizontal or vertical movement, ensuring full ground contact at all times. The benefit of this feature is that the Snow Plough follows the road’s contours, leading to improved snow clearance, reduced road damage, reduced power needed and a longer blade life.
  2. Strengthened rear spine. The rear spine of the Snow Plough chassis has been strengthened to ensure the working life of the machine is maximised, meeting our criteria of supplying customers with long life machines.
  3.  Ultra-strong main pivot axle. The main pivot axle has been increased in strength by 40% to ensure the Snow Plough is a match for modern higher horsepower tractors. Increasing the axle strength ensures the reliability of the Plough is increased once more.
  4. Redesigned profile angle. The Snow Plough series has been redesigned with a new profile angle at the base of the Snow Plough. The new profile angle delivers increased strength and rigidness for improved snow clearing performance.
  5. Reliable rubber blade. The Stronga Snow Plough design has become a product of evolution. The Plough now comes fitted as standard with an improved rubber blade 220x50mm thick with fibres for a longer life.

All Stronga products are designed from the ground up and coupled with heavy-duty construction to provide value and maximum performance. The robust pivot section and re-enforced blade design ensures a long life structure and low maintenance costs.

Snow Plough series technical data

Model SSP280 SSP300
Width 2800m 3000m
Height 900mm 900mm
Working width (angled at 30°) 2.425mm 2.600mm
Angling Hydraulic Hydraulic
Blade shape Straight Straight
Blade material Rubber with reinforcing fibres Rubber with reinforcing fibres
Other feature Height control shoe Height control shoe
Other feature Use on tractor front or rear three point linkage Cat I & II Use on tractor front or rear three point linkage Cat I & II
Other feature CE marked with certificate of Conformity CE marked with certificate of Conformity

Optional equipment

Option Spring loaded blade edges
Option Mounted lights
Option Height control wheels (250x80mm)
Option Manual angling, if preferred over hydraulic
Option Brackets to suit your telehandler or tractor loader

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If you want more information on the Stronga Snow Plough straight blade series, contact our friendly sales team.

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