Straight Blade Hydraulic Snow Plough with Sprung Blade (SSP320HS)

Straight Blade Hydraulic Snow Plough with Sprung Blade (SSP320HS)

This Stronga Hydraulic Straight Blade Snow Plough is 3.2 metres wide. This model has a sprung blade. It adjusts easily to an angle of 35 degrees, either left or right.


Working alongside our experienced customers and dealers in Scandinavia we developed a cost-effective snowplough ideal for clearing roads and yards. Our design team at Stronga have made significant design improvements to our Snow Ploughs.

What are the main benefits of SSP320HS?

  1. New floating head. The new floating head design allows movement vertically and horizontally, ensuring full ground contact, so the snowplough follows the contours of the road, leading to improved snow clearing performance, reduced road damage, reduced power and fuel needed and longer blade life as the correct pressure is maintained on the blade all the time.
  2. Strengthened rear-spine. The rear-spine of the chassis has been strengthened for maximised working life, meeting our criteria of supplying customers with long life machines. The main pivot axle is also 40% stronger to match modern higher horsepower tractors.
  3. Increased clearing performance. Redesigned profile angle to the base of the snow plough means improved strength and snow clearing performance.
  4. Improved rubber blade. New improved rubber blade 220x50mm thick with fibres for a longer working life
  5. Sprung blade. This model has a sprung blade which is beneficial for protecting the road surface and also protecting the plough against any obstacles in the road, man hole covers, potholes etc.

All Stronga products are designed from the ground up and coupled with heavy-duty construction to provide value and maximum performance. The robust pivot section and re-enforced blade design ensures a long life structure and low maintenance costs.

Easy to Use – Coupling in seconds to your tractor’s three point linkage Cat I & II.

Great Value – Direct sales from Stronga, no dealers, no agent, no middle men means you get great value for money.

Straight Blade Hydraulic Snow Plouth (SSP320HS) specification and features:

  • Width 3.2 metres
  • Height 900mm
  • The straightforward positioning of the 3.2 metre snowplough blade to the left, right or centre means you can efficiently complete the task at hand and adapt to the area of work.
  • Working width when angled at 30 degrees is 2.625mm
  •  The curved shape of the snowplough blade is designed for optimal performance, as the most effective way to move snow from the road is to roll it away
  • Featuring a new, upgraded rubber blade which contains reinforcing fibres for a longer life. This is the same type used by commercial road authorities in Germany. It allows for quiet, clean and easy clearing of snow and slush.
  • The Stronga snowplough is optimised for use on tractor front or rear three point linkage Cat I & II
  • Height control shoe
  • Sprung Blade

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