Hook lift Container Mover series

Hook lift Container Mover series

The Stronga Hooklift Container Mover is a simple and easy-to-operate hook which enables customers to move empty containers quickly and safely around the yard. The SCM series elevates the already high efficiency levels provided by HookLoada trailers and containers.


Indispensable hook lift equipment

The Stronga Hook lift Container Mover series is one of those indispensable pieces of equipment that once you have one, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

The Stronga Container Mover series is a super product, offering easy operations for customers who own a range of hookliftable containers. Can you afford to miss out on an opportunity like this?

Hook lift Container Mover. Features & benefits

  1. Reliable Stronga product. The reliable design of the hooklift container mover means it can be used for picking up and shunted empty hooklift containers around the yard – moving them into the perfect position for filling to increase the efficiency levels of the hook system even further.
  2. Speeds up hooklift container positioning. Using the Stronga container hook with an appropriate size telehandler allows you to quickly and safely shunt hooklift containers into the perfect position to optimise the yard space – helping you be more productive day in, day out.
  3. Very low maintenance and cost of ownership. The design, build and finish makes this container hook virtually maintenance free giving it a long life which leads to a low cost of ownership. Once you’ve received SHCM, you will have a machine that you can rely on for a life time.
  4. Easy to operate. The container hook couples in seconds to your telehandler. Stunning visibility from the loader cab onto the hook whilst manoeuvring the hooklift container offers the customer shunting confidence that is a feature of the design. Ease-of-use is a feature of all Stronga products.
  5. Great value and simple to purchase. Direct sales from Stronga mean you get great value for money. Call our sales team, confirm the loader bracket, we build the hook in the UK, you pay us, we send it to you. It is as simple as that.

Contact us

If you want more information on the Stronga Hooklift Container Mover series, contact our friendly sales team.

  • Telephone: (+44) 01992 519000
  • Email: info@stronga.co.uk

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