SuperTanka series: Hook lift vacuum tanks

SuperTanka series: Hook lift vacuum tanks

The Stronga SuperTanka series of robust, long life and high specification hook lift vacuum tankers from 10,000-20,000 litre capacities comes fitted with useful standard features to suit the requirements of the busy professional operator and contractor.


Hook lift vacuum tank series

The Stronga SuperTanka series guarantees high performance and longevity in liquid transport, storage and distribution for the professional contractor.

Our well-proven hook lift vacuum tank series is a product of great experience in vacuum tank design. When coupled with the high performance HookLoada trailer, the liquid tanker becomes a valuable asset that delivers great efficiency and flexibility.

A stunning financial investment

Extend your container collection today and cut your transport expenses with a SuperTanka and hook lift trailer partnership. Extend your hook lift container options now with SuperTanka and become even more flexible in your line of work.

Stronga Vacuum Tanker solutions offer customers optimal liquid filling, spraying and transport efficiency. Optimising productivity, you have the opportunity to drive your 70% transport costs into the ground. ST-type tankers come in 10,000-20,000L capacities with 6mm rolled steel sides for excellent reliability.

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SuperTanka series. Features & benefits

  1. Innovative hook lift vacuum tank design. Specially designed surge baffles inside the vacuum tank dampen liquid movement during transport for safety improvements when braking and cornering. This feature is also necessary during mounting and demounting as the liquid moves inside the tank.
  2. High capacity hydraulic pump. ST-type standard pumps provide a rapid 12,000l/min fill rate and means there is no PTO shaft to worry about for a safer operating environment and easier maintenance. Upgraded pumps can be fitted for even greater efficiency in liquid suction.
  3. Convenient and efficient operation. Three filler points, one hydraulically operated valve at the rear, and mechanically operated valve ensure ease-of-use and simplicity to the max. The side valve can be put on either side of the tank with a blanking plate to cover the unused point for ultimate operator convenience.
  4. Easy maintenance. Rear removable hatch and top hatch with access ladder allow for easy inspection and cleaning of the vacuum tank. Optional hydraulic rear door allows the operator to safely enter the tank with confidence for cleaning or general maintenance.
  5. Long life and durable structure. The ST-tyre range is fitted with the best quality components for long life operation and a low cost of ownership. These are just some of many things that you come to expect from Stronga products.

SuperTanka series technical data

Model ST10 ST12 ST15 ST18 ST20
Capacity 10,000L 12,000L 15,000L 18,000L 20,000L
Length 6000mm 6000mm 6000mm N/A N/A

SuperTanka series standard specification

3 fill points
Pipe stowage both sides
12000 l/min hydraulic pump
4m long 150mm diameter vacuum hose
Rear access door
Integral sump
Sight glasses front & rear
Hydraulic rear gate valve
High quality gloss paint finish

Optional equipment

Upgraded suction pump (Battioni)
150mm Auto Filler
Washdown assembly
Hydraulic top hatch
Extra sight glass
Additional pipe brackets
12″ front inspection port
Hydraulic rear door

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