Order now a Universal Bale Grab (SUB120)

Order now a Universal Bale Grab (SUB120)

The Universal Bale Grab picks up round or square bales making it a very versatile piece of equipment. Designed not to damage wrap it makes light work of bale collecting.


The Universal Bale Grab is an easy to use and efficient bale handling solution with easy offloading and precise stacking.

Proven Design – Developed alongside our high usage customers. Large scale operations, moving 1000’s of bales a year.

Stronga by Design – Innovative design features of the grab such as the profiled nose section, have evolved over a number of generations of bale grabs for the most modern bale handling solution on the market.

Flexible Handling – Designed to handle round and square bales, wrapped and unwrapped, without damage. The Universal Bale Grab is also perfect for handling waste plastic and paper as well as other waste applications.

Innovative Features – The top bar of the grab acts as a guide when picking up bales to ensure perfect positioning, increasing operational speed and efficiency.

Efficient Bale Handling – The smooth and controlled operation of the bale grab means fast operation. Reducing machinery wear and operator fatigue, as well as saving time in the field and the yard.

Smooth Operator – All contact points are rounded to prevent damage to bales and tearing of bale wrap.

Long Life Structure – Shot blasting prior to painting ensures good adhesion, and combined with the high quality finish equals a long lasting attachment.

Invert Bales – Invert bales easily by nosing over, the grab then opens wide enough to pick up inverted bales.

Great Value – Direct sales from Stronga, means  you  get great value for money.  

Simple to Purchase – Call Diane, confirm the loader bracket you need, we manufacture the Universal Bale Grab,  you pay us, we send it to you.

For more information, please telephone 01992519014 or 01992519000

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